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Medical Scribes Help Doctors by Providing Immediate Information

Technology is always improving and Google Glasses are no exception because there are now ways for the device to improve a doctor’s records. Google Glasses enable doctors to receive up to date and immediate information via a headset whilst interacting with a patient. For instance, let’s say the doctor want’s to find out when the last physical examination of the patient took place. The doctor would ask the question out loud and a scribe would look up the information and convey the information via a chat bubble that the doctor sees on their headset. The headset is connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection.

The creative minds behind the technology say that in the future you can expect the headset to be substituted by a contact lens. This setup allows doctors to have valuable information right away when it is needed without having to spend minutes looking at a computer screen.

However, the technology might create more problems than it solves. Medical scribing must be done accurately, and currently, it is being outsourced to people half-way around the world such as places like India. If a mistake is made it is hard to hold someone accountable that you have never seen before. Ultimately, the technology is trying to fix the problem of scribing that can be cumbersome for doctors to do and expensive to outsource.