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How does your service work?

Upload audio or video files to our secure file transfer site or provide a link for downloading the files. We transcribe the recordings and return them via e-mail or place them on our secure site for you to download. If there is not a privacy/confidentiality issue and the audio recording is short, it can be emailed to us.


When do I need a transcription service rather than a court reporting firm?

A transcription service would be utilized when you need an audio or video recording transcribed or Minutes composed. A court reporting firm is used when you need someone to be present on-site at a proceeding. Transcriptionists are experts in converting audio/video to text or composing Minutes. Typically, the cost for a court reporting firm to transcribe from recording is 3 to 4 times the amount a transcription company charges due to appearance fees, listening fees, and per page rates that are not charged by transcription service providers.


Do you specialize in a specific type of transcription?

We have been providing transcription services since 1986, and are experts in all types of transcription. We have transcriptionists who specialize in legal, medical, medicolegal, verbatim, law enforcement, corporate/business, financial, academic, government, etc. and assign projects according to specialty. In composing Minutes, we assign a primary transcriptionist to ensure ongoing familiarity with the group members for most accurate speaker identification.


Who are your transcriptionists?

We utilize both in-house and remote transcriptionists. Our transcriptionists are long-term members of our corporate team, and are all located in the United States. They are required to consent to background checks, and execute Confidentiality Agreements and Business Associate Agreements. They receive continuing education and quality checks from our QA Department.


Why is there such a wide range of rates advertised on the internet?

Many of the companies who advertise extremely low prices use offshore transcriptionists who cannot provide high quality and who operate with different security and privacy laws/regulations than we do. They state that their company is U.S. based, but that does not mean their transcriptionists are U.S.-based. If you examine their websites you will find spelling errors and incorrect use of the English language. Others advertise low prices but “nickel and dime” you for things like time stamps, expedited turnaround time, proofreading, etc. Our rates are competitive and commensurate with our quality. We are utilized by companies and individuals where professionalism, high quality, confidentiality, and dependability are of utmost importance. We also provide expedited service with no additional charge.


What is the cost?

Rates for transcription is determined by three factors:

1) Length of recording time

2) Sound quality

3) Number of speakers


The rate for audio translation is determined by the above three factors plus the source and target language; the rate for writing, editing, proofreading, and composing minutes is dependent upon the overall project’s requirements.

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