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Transcription Services

Over the years we have handled orders from clients across many industries. Our team of fully qualified transcribers has been set up to ensure every project is completed with only the highest satisfaction rating. Below is a list of the areas we specialize in:

  • Corporate/business: we provide transcription services to all types of clients – small businesses all the way up to fortune 500 companies. We have been doing so since 1986 with a high rate of client satisfaction.
  • Legal: our legal transcription projects over the years included law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and law firms. Our fully qualified experts understand the legal jargon that’s required to get the job done.
  • Law enforcement: this includes drug and weapon buys, 911 calls, gang group meetings, CI and UC calls/meetings, post-arrest interviews, suspect interviews, witness interviews, takedowns and jail calls.
  • Government: Since 1986 we have worked with a number of government agencies to provide industry-leading transcription services. You can expect us to transcribe interviews, minutes, public meetings, congressional hearings, legislative sessions and recorded statements.
  • Media: we understand that media transcription services require a quick turnaround time, and attention to detail. We have experience with documentaries, movies, TV shows, interviews, radio programs, podcasts, news conferences, speeches, media events and many more.
  • Medical/pharmaceutical: our transcription team is specially trained with regards to medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. They understand the jargon, objectives, and requirements to meet the needs of all our clients. The task they are capable of handling include speaker presentations, keynote address, clinical studies, webinars and podcasts, medical examiner/coroner reports.

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