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Legal Transcription

We have been serving law firms, government agencies, law enforcement organizations, businesses, and individuals with legal transcription needs since 1986.

We accept from the smallest to the largest scale projects and provide quick and accurate delivery for both. Our legal transcription team is comprised of two divisions: General Legal and Medicolegal.

General Legal

Transcription Experts is knowledgeable of legal formats for depositions, hearings, calendar calls, state and federal trials, responses, briefs, recorded statements, phone/voicemail recordings, etc. All transcripts to be used as evidence in court are Certified. We work with attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants in both ongoing transcription services and overflow/staff coverage services.


Medicolegal transcription (including expert witness interviews, medical record Summaries, depo summaries, and client correspondence) requires a special linguist with advanced experience in both the legal and medical field due to the complex terminology. This type of transcription also requires serious attention to detail and resourcefulness. We serve medical malpractice and other law firms throughout the U.S. with phenomenal success.

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